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"How to Strengthen and Maintain Your Faith in Challenging Times"

Ramadan has ended and most of us have made that connection to Allah. The question now becomes how can we maintain this connection? The answer is simple. We must continue to with the good deeds we have done all month until next Ramadan. You must continue to seek the correct knowledge and understanding of Islam. You must continue with the words of remembrance and voluntary prayers.

Doing such will help maintain that connection with Allah. As our Prophet (sa) said: "Allah loves for us to perform deeds in accordance to our ability and he loves consistency." - Muslim

Being consistent in what we began during Ramadan will help us to strengthen our relationships with Allah.

Alhamdulillah, the classes at Sunnahfollowers Online are held everyday of the year. Join them with your family. Remember the Zoom Room is opened 24-hours and serves as a great way of connecting with other Muslim women around the world; and together we can support and advise one another.

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